I'm here but I'm not here


There is a world in front of me now.

People maybe call it "Real".

At the same time there is another world all the time.


I wrote about it in my song "I wanna melt into you".


I have my utopia in my heart
I’m free from everything there 
And no one can get into there
There sunlight is warm
Air is clean
Quiet starry sky tells me a truth
And I can find you




I am smiling, satisfied with everything, happy and with my friends and my girl I love with making my music only I can make in this world there.


Since I was young I've loved planing something crazy.

They were new games, mischiefs and surprisings that made others laugh. 


Soon they came to writing lyrics and making music, and at last my world.

There may be someone who thinks musicians just make music.

When I was young I thought so, too.

But it's not true at least in case of me.


I'm an artist.

So I'm making my world.


There's this poem by a poet Shuji Terayama.

I love him and his this words.


"Any birds can't fly higher than imagination."


I often become fraught with emotion by our imagination.

Now there may be nothing.

But we can imagine anything.




I named my private label name "1mage".




That was from imagination.


I believe miracles by human imagination.

Each of imagination of us made this world.



They were music, dramas, films, literature, fashion, art and way to live.

All of them were made of human imagination.


I've ever experienced losing hope some times in my life.


But each of those times I always imagined my utopia. 


With working hard to live and being likely to becoming invisible to something important in our life by being hit by the reality of the situation I was imagining another world all the time.



I was there but all the time I wasn't there.


In my heart I was looking at myself who is making music, singing a song and touch people's heart all the time. 


As I was thinking so all the time a lot of my seniors got angry with me and often said "Focus on this work!" when we were working together.


Nevertheless I was imagining.


Another world was everything for me.

And Another world is everything for me, too.


I'm drawing my world all the time.


So you maybe think I'm not here when you see me.

Will you laugh at me?



But I wanna get to my utopia with all my heart.

There is beyond the description but so beautiful.




The sunlight from big windows embraces me warmly.

The caffe latte by my lovely girl tastes nice.


I'm writing a lyric with playing the guitar and singing my new song that now I'm working on. 

My young daughter is singing my old song loudly without understanding the meaning of lyric.



Her baby face is full of pleasure and I love her.


I forget to playing the guitar and hear her voice and the sound of the sea.


After that I reach out for the various music magazines around the world on the table.

All of them write about my new album. 


I read a review and find this word.




Next I found this word.





These words for me was the words I've dreamed.

Making timeless masterpiece was my goal since when I was so young.


Having checking out Soundcloud page there are countless likes, reposts, comments and messages.

Many many people around the world is listening to my music now.


I cannot be too thankful for much support.


Having checking out some messages from my friends I've found these messages.


"I'm crazy about your new album"

"I'm proud of working with you when we were young"

"I've believed in you all the time"

"I'm looking forward to watching your next Grammy award's performance"

"My life is fantastic cause I met you"

"Let's play our music again"

"Sorry. The words at that time was a mistake."


Thanks all.

I didn't come here by myself.

Thanks all.


My quiet pleasure change into strength and it push my back.

Having got to my private studio I start to brush up my next live set for Grammy award and Brit award stage.


I can hear a lot of voices of my friends.

I can see a lot of faces of them.


At that time we had a hard time.

But we believed.

Everyday I believed.

No matter what may happen.

We are here and stand by our two feet.



I catch the singing of my daughter a little while ago she gave me  in my head. 

I flash back to countless various scenes in my days passed away.


"This is the thing I've looking for so long time."


And I started to making my new music.




Everyday I imagine these things.

This is just one of them.


Someone maybe laugh at me.

But it's alright.


I may not have anything.

But it's alright.


I think there's a true world in our heart.

And I feel that I have everything I need by thinking so.




What world are you drawing now?


All the time there's another world in our heart.

So we can feel happy.

We are free.


Shall we go there with me?


Let's go.