We are connected

I'm making my music everyday.

The process is so personal and so lonely.


But sometimes there're some friends who contact me. 

Especially recently a lot of friends did so.


"I wanna consult with you about music"

"I want you to make music"

"Long time no see. How are you?"

"I wanna meet you"


I'm so pleased to hear these messages.

Thanks all.

I'm tasting the sweets of them quietly.


I only live once.

There's the utopia I wanna get to.

And I have been chosen the way which is not easy and so hard, some people often said "Your way of life is a gambling".

So sometimes I lost my way.


But these words by my friends told me that my life wasn't a mistake.


And all of my friends who contact me believe their way and advance their way.

I'm proud of them.


I have friends who believe me.

I wanna make beautiful music for them.

I wanna live with confidence and smile.

I wanna make my music and my song which only I can make in this world.

Now I'm full of gratitude.


When I was young I couldn't understand this word by Confucius well.

"Friends come from far away to see me. It's a joy of my life"

Now this word resonates with me.



Maybe I grew old.

When I see young boys and girls who are kicking up their heels during the local small festival sometimes I miss my youthful days.

But at the same time I feel I age well in my heart.


Now I wanna age better and better. 

Our life is so short.


So I wanna move forward step by step.

Let's go.