Yuka Mannami × mitograph "Mannamitograph" Photo Exhibition

Today I went to go "Mannamitograph" Photo Exhibition at Rocket, Omotesando.


When I found this exhibition's news the visual image was fantastic.

There's no time to decide to go this exhibition.


I love atmosphere of these photos.

The facial expression of the model Yuka Mannami that I can't describe and style are so ennui and  cool.

Miyuka Manna × mitograph "Mannamitograph" Photo Exhibition at Rocket, Omotesando, Tokyo.

20,000,000 fragments Solo Exhibition

Today I went to go Japanese fashion brand "20,000,000 fragments" Solo Exhibition at CALM & PUNK GALLERY, Nishi-azabu, Tokyo .

All of clothes were so not only cool and elegant but also natural because of those materials and designs.


And today I met and talked with the fashion designer Asuka Hayama.

She was beautiful and she wore the cloth designed by herself.

It was so amazing, minimal and elegant.



And I met the brand's producer Shinjiro Nishino.

A few years ago I've worked with him and since then I've learned a lot from him and his works inspires me a lot.

So I've wanted to say "Thanks" to him all the time.

Finally today I could say so.


Enjoy the world of "20,000,000 fragments".

"20,000,000 fragments" Solo Exhibition at CALM & PUNK GALLERY, Nishi-azabu, Tokyo, Japan.


Today I went to go YUIMA NAKAZATO 2016 AUTUMN/WINTER TOKYO EXHIBITION "UNKNOWN" at Rose Studio, Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo.


He is my favorite fashion designer.

His works are famous for his costume design for Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Japanese pop star EXILE, J Soul Brothers and so on. 


Four or five years ago I met him and talked with him.

He was so calm, kind, relaxed and natural.

And at that time I had a chance that he showed his notebooks when he used before he went abroad for studying fashion design to me.

I was attracted by that notebooks.

There were a lot of unique patterns drawn by him.

Now I can remember that day.

My heart was moved at that time.

Since then I'm a fan of him and his works.


And time has been passed since that day.

I saw him again today.

His new works were so amazing.

The details of them were so unique, original, sophisticated and sensitive.


And today I heard that he is challenging a new big thing.

It's so cool and amazing.

In the near future he'll make a new history in Japanese and world fashion industry.

I'm looking forward to his continued success and activities.



Today I went to Japanese fashion brand Dress Camp at Minami-Aoyama and watched wall art of my favorite fine artist SHOHEI TAKASAKI.

It's so amazing.

I love his art works.

Several years ago, I had a chance to work with him.
To be honest at that time I didn't feel good about his art works.

And the time have passed.
Now I'm so crazy about his works.

I don't know what made me change.
But this fact is a real.

I think it's not easy for us to describe and explain our heart and their sensitive movements by words.

Most important thing is not explaining something but feeling something.
I wanna cherish my heart, my instinct and my feelings.


Enjoy his art.

Frank Gehry Exhibition

Was So inspirational.

Gehry's sketch was so beautiful.

They were beyond human understanding and like paintings.


I felt that there's nothing which we can't do.

Thanks Gehry.

Love from Japan.

Frank Gehry Exhibition @ Espace Louis Vuitton, Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan