genzaburo yoshino

The things I've learned from the book "How will you live?" by Genzaburo Yoshino

  I've read the book "How will you live?" by Genzaburo Yoshino recently. And the book remimds me some important things. So I write down the things I don't wanna forget here.


  First, the book asked me an important question.  "What do you create for this world?". I always consume a lot of things to live. At this point I must not forget the truth that everything is made up of a lot of people's hard work. After having read this book I think I wanna produce more and more things for this world. I'm making some music, and writing some lyrics now. But it's not enough, I think. So now I'm doing like this hoping that writing this helps someone to live their life better.


  Second, this book describes the importance that what you feel from everything and how you live by thinking by not someone else but yourself . I think this is so important. I'm writing my lyrics everyday. To do so I read a lot of books, poem, lyrics and so on. I think the writers who emphasizes their way to feel the things have so real and unique insights, ideas and words. So their works are amazing and move my heart. So at last I'm always back to myself. I ask a lot of questions to me. "How did I feel at that time?", "How do I express the emotions you had at that time by words or sounds or way to sing?" and so on. No one teaches the answers. There're answers only in my heart. Thus as everyday I emphasize how I feel, this book's message touches my heart.


  Today I wrote down important two things I've learned from this book. Having read my sentences how do you feel? I hope that this may inspire you. Love from Japan.