Unforgettable Day - I went to "Invisible Designs Lab"

Shooted by MARK.K

Today I went to music producing company "Invisible Designs Lab".

That's because one of my music producer's friends is working there and he invited me to come.

And today I took some photos of the members of the company.


I had a so amazing time.

I was so relaxed and enjoyed talking with my friend and his fellows.

And they said to me "Come here whenever you want".

I'm so pleased to hear that.

I got a second music studio in Tokyo.



Last year I worked with the company in a project.

I made music for TV commercial and a big projection mapping with the company.

The experience was so amazing and exciting.


So today I'll introduce some their so unique productions.

The company makes artistic productions and commercial music for films, art installations, projection mapping and other so creative projects.


Their works are so cool and unique.


For example, they produced original piano which has three times keyboards and music for it.

They split one sound , for example C into C1, C2, C3 and C# into C#1, C#2, C#3.

It's easy to understand by watching this movie.

You will listen Symphony No.5 c-minor(Fate) by Beethoven that you have never listened to.

I was so surprised when I watched this movie for the first time. 



And other production I was impressed by them is this.

Do you know "a glockenspiel of wood"?

This is it.


And their work "Z-MACHINES" that is robots' band attracted Squarepusher.


These works inspired me a lot.

And I'm proud of working with them through my music.


So I wanna make more and more beautiful music from now on, too.

Thanks for Invisible Designs Lab and for your reading.