The Time with MAURO BURANI

Today I've found this artwork by chance at Omotesando.

I was attracted in a minute.


So I went into a gallery.

And there I found a lot of beautiful artworks and clothes.

I was overwhelmed by them.


I felt so long long time that Italian artist MAURO BURANI made these things.

And I was moved a lot.

Crazy hoodies, hat, pants, shirts, bags, wallets....and so on.


Was amazing...


And he was drawing something crazy today, too.

And finally I've got a wallet by him.

Thanks man.

I'm so pleased to meet you.

And I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

MAURO BURANI EVENT at GALLERY KOWA, Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan

Dave Crowe & Jun Inoue Performance @ Streamer Coffee Company Gohongi

Had an amazing time with Dave Crowe (from Heymoonshaker) & Jun Inoue.

Dave's beats were so tight smooth and minimal.

Was amazing..


And Jun Inoue's performance was cool.

Jun Inoue is my favorite Japanese painter and artist.

His live painting and Dave's beats were overlapping each other beautifully.


Wonderful night was tonight.

Dave Crowe & Jun Inoue Performance @ Streamer Coffee Company Gohongi, Tokyo, Japan