Today I went to go YUIMA NAKAZATO 2016 AUTUMN/WINTER TOKYO EXHIBITION "UNKNOWN" at Rose Studio, Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo.


He is my favorite fashion designer.

His works are famous for his costume design for Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Japanese pop star EXILE, J Soul Brothers and so on. 


Four or five years ago I met him and talked with him.

He was so calm, kind, relaxed and natural.

And at that time I had a chance that he showed his notebooks when he used before he went abroad for studying fashion design to me.

I was attracted by that notebooks.

There were a lot of unique patterns drawn by him.

Now I can remember that day.

My heart was moved at that time.

Since then I'm a fan of him and his works.


And time has been passed since that day.

I saw him again today.

His new works were so amazing.

The details of them were so unique, original, sophisticated and sensitive.


And today I heard that he is challenging a new big thing.

It's so cool and amazing.

In the near future he'll make a new history in Japanese and world fashion industry.

I'm looking forward to his continued success and activities.